Zodiac Column: December 2022

As the weather gets colder, fortunes get bolder

Capricorn – December 22 January 19

As the leaves change color and winter approaches, friendships may also fall out of season, Capricorns. A stir in your social circle gives drama the opportunity to appear. Stay cautious and look out for new acquaintances! There is a chance for new love this month 😉

Aquarius – January 20 February 18

Fame is on the rise Aquariuses! Your career and reputation are in the spotlight this month, which can also lead to scandals and rumors. Be careful who you tell your secrets to and think about how you want to be perceived. People are always watching! 

Pisces – February 19 March 20

Is growth and taking opportunities something you have always wanted? November is the time to take action! Write that novel, book that flight, submit that application. The universe is on your side. Growth can only happen from change! 

Aries – March 21 April 19

Think about creating a budget this month, Aries. Finances  might cause issues in your relationships with family or partners. This doesn’t always mean losing money! You might get a raise at work or receive an inheritance, just be careful with how you manage your money. 

Taurus – April 20 May 20

Love has got you wrapped around its finger this November, Tauruses. Chaos is the word of the month, unexpected romance and new love interests will have your head spinning! Keep your mind open and stay positive. 

Gemini – May 21 June 20

Mars in retrograde makes for a busy month, Gemini. Spend time looking inwards at what you really desire this month, new interests and possibilities will give you a head start to a new chapter next month! 

Cancer – June 21 July 22

Oh Cancers, being sensitive isn’t a bad thing after all! This month will be filled with creativity and insight, use your strong emotions to create new art and express yourself to a new level. Set boundaries and focus on yourself this month. 

Leo – July 23 August 22

Doesn’t the holiday season just feel so nostalgic? Leos, find comfort in visiting family and friends from your childhood and cozy up with a blanket by the fire. November is for rest and recovery and you are just where you need to be 😉

Virgo – August 23 September 22

Communication will be important this month. A therapist might be a good investment as you learn how to sort through life’s battles and hardships. Towards the end of the month, emotions like anger and irritability might provoke you to find different outlets to express those feelings.. Don’t hide your emotions, Virgos. 

Libra – September 23 October 22

Your standards might be shifting Libras, not just within love but what is valuable to and what you need to remove from your life. Don’t be afraid to be picky, this is the perfect time to clean out a room or reorganize your desk. 

Scorpio – October 23 November 21

HBD QUEENS/KINGS!!! This is your month! Confidence from your trip around the sun has shifted how people think of you, you are in the spotlight this month so soak it in! 

courtesy USA Today

Sagittarius – November 22 December 21

An Intuitive month is ahead of you, Sags! Expanding spiritual practices and giving yourself time to rest is key this month. Self care and recovery is the path to intuition and clarity. 

Happy Holidays!!

XOXO  ♡☆

Images courtesy USA Today