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The Student News Site of Shorewood High School

Shorewood Ripples

The Student News Site of Shorewood High School

Shorewood Ripples

Sharp Objects leaves readers with lots to ponder

Sophia Levitas-Goren and Ana Pheister June 8, 2024

“Sometimes I think illness sits inside every woman, waiting for the right moment to bloom.” Written by the author of Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects tells the story of a journalist, Camille...

A splash of pink takes over Shorewood’s stage

Catalina Perez June 8, 2024

This May, Shorewood Drama ended the year with its production of the musical Legally Blonde. With shows from May 9-11, they performed their final show with the musical based on the 2001 movie of the same...

The rise of the musician Chappell Roan

Jillian Beaster and Livia Herzing-Burkard June 8, 2024

The Midwest Princess is on the rise, and, once again, she is leaving it all on the stage. While for many albums, a listener picks out one or two tracks to listen on repeat, in the case of Kayleigh Rose...

A consuming journey of love on the tennis court

Lucy Kuhnen-Grooms June 8, 2024

*This article contains a number of spoilers, so read at your own risk.*   On April 22, Luca Guadagnino’s Challengers (screenplay by Justin Kuritskes) hit the movie theaters. The film follows...

Asian Garden, a new Shorewood restaurant

Sonia Bendre and Anita Bendre June 8, 2024

The exterior of Asian Garden is a small, unassuming brick building on the corner of Oakland and Menlo, hiding an interior that appears far more spacious. We were seated by a cheerful waitress who was quick...

JoJo Siwa must face the music…maybe not her own

Aiko Levick June 8, 2024

JoJo Siwa has always fascinated me. I recognize her from her time on Dance Moms, and I remember seeing her face on every single Claire’s and Justice item. I always thought she was the final boss of pre-teen...

Beyonce release takes top Billboard Country Spot

Beyonce release takes top Billboard Country Spot

Ben Weisse and Claudia Talarzcyk March 9, 2024

We are being serenaded this winter by Beyoncé. On Superbowl Sunday, she released two new songs with promises of a new album out in March. Beyoncé stated in the past that her most recent album Renaissance...

Roald Dahl story adapted for the movie screen

Roald Dahl story adapted for the movie screen

Ana Pheister and Lucy Kuhnen-Grooms March 9, 2024

Wes Anderson is no stranger to the film industry. His critically acclaimed, unique visual style can be recognized by a multitude of viewers. His newest endeavor is a short film titled The Wonderful Story...

Rules: A short story by Sonia Bendre

Sonia Bendre March 9, 2024

Esmeralda rolled slowly down the road. The sun had not yet risen, so it was still dark. The dark made her nervous, just like it had used to when she was younger and still had hope of growing up and out...

2024 Grammys highlight diverse musical talent

Giselle Knox March 9, 2024

On February 4, the winners of the 2024 Grammys were announced at the 66th annual awards ceremony at the Arena in Los Angeles. For the fourth consecutive year, the ceremony was hosted by Trevor...

Students see themselves on the jumbotron during the December 19 performance.

Middle school band students perform at Bucks game

Jenna Abu-Zahra February 11, 2024

On December 19, Shorewood’s elementary and middle school band performed at a Milwaukee Bucks game for the second year in a row. Katherine Myszewski, elementary school band director, ensures that students...

Squid Game reality spinoff misses the point

Aiko Levick February 11, 2024

Not every television show warrants a quirky adaptation. In fact, my general quality of life would probably be better if most shows stopped getting quirky adaptations.  Squid Game is a South Korean...