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The power in having teachers of color

The power in having teachers of color

Shannon Carlson and Ella Kamm

October 16, 2019

When asked how many teachers of color they’ve had their entire life, students, mostly juniors and seniors, said “zero,” “one” or “two.” Not one person gave a number above three. If you do the math, by junior and senior year, students who have attended Shorewood school district their whole liv...

Biology teacher moves to the middle school

Abi Knox

August 30, 2019

James Beckers, former biology and AP Biology teacher at the high school, is moving to the intermediate school this year, where he will teach seventh grade science.  “I have a handful of years left teaching, and I wanted to try a new challenge and have it be something I can really get excited about,” Be...

Shorewood bids goodbye to retiring teachers

Amy Clark, math teacher, Andy Carey, social studies teacher and LIsa Bromley, physical education teacher, smile for a photo. The three teachers will be retiring this year and will be missed by many.

Cela Migan

June 5, 2019

Lisa Bromley Lisa Bromley, physical education teacher, has taught for 32 years in Shorewood and is leaving behind a legacy of delicious brownies and the cherished Shorewood games. One of Bromley’s greatest contributions to Shorewood has been the organization of the Shorewood games, done every four year...

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