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The Student News Site of Shorewood High School

Shorewood Ripples

The Student News Site of Shorewood High School

Shorewood Ripples

Far-right leader voted in

Sam Diliberti October 28, 2022

Italian elections provide a warning for our own As a result of a recent snap election with historically low voter turnout, Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy party will become the Prime Minister...


Local socialist politician wins assembly seat

Robert Gronert September 22, 2022

Darrin Madison talks with Shorewood youth socialist advocate This past August, Darrin Madison won the democratic primary for the 10th State Assembly District, and with no republican competitor, is the...

Charlotte Wood (left), Feminist Club co-founder

Abortion access is everyone’s fight

Charlotte Wood September 22, 2022

New developments call for personal responsibility On June 24th, 2022, Roe V. Wade was overturned, and there was no more federal, constitutional right to get an abortion. The basic access to medical care...

Socialism is on the rise in MKE

Bobby Gronert March 16, 2022

Milwaukee’s hometown hero is coming home. Its name? Socialism. This town has always been socialist. Milwaukee was a working class city, one full of laborers. We built railroads and dockyards and other...

District lacks diversity in staff

Alexis Hu and Bobby Gronert December 22, 2021

The lack of racial diversity in teachers in the Shorewood School District has long been a problem, and a noticeable one at that. When SHS students think through their schedule, a similar conclusion arises....

Shorewood needs diversity in news sources

Sophie Diliberti and Noe Goldhaber November 17, 2021

It’s no secret that American news has a tendency to be partisan, biased and at times inaccurate. We tend to associate these problems with the far right, blaming Fox News and Donald Trump for the rapid...

Editorial: Teach us skills for life, not college

Editorial Staff November 17, 2021

At some point, all high school students must decide what they want to do after they graduate. SHS does an impressive job of providing students with resources to help them choose where they want to go to...

Why teachers should offer test corrections

Sonia Bendre and Maya Schmaling November 17, 2021

Many students at Shorewood have experienced the dread of receiving a test score that is not up to their usual standard, and seeing their grade plummet as a result of that score. Seeing that drop can...

Editorial: Steps and lanes should be a priority in this year’s budget

Editorial Staff October 12, 2021

We, the editorial staff, are opposed to the removal of the steps and lanes salary schedule in the 2021-2022 district budget. The steps and lanes model increases financial compensation for teachers as they...

Ripples loses another advisor

Editorial Staff June 3, 2021

Mr. Jordan, the Ripples advisor for the past year and two-year American Society teacher at SHS, has announced that he is leaving his teaching position at Shorewood.  Jordan became Ripples advisor...

For girls of color, dating can be challenging

Shannon Carlson and Sophia Wiley May 2, 2021

Dating in high school is hard. Developing a crush, gathering up the courage to ask them out, and then if things don’t go well, dealing with the sting of rejection. This is universal. But what about when...