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Girls Gym Club created to empower women

At the start of the 2023-24 school year, seniors Amaris Kaleka and Rosalie Migan started Shorewood High School’s first Girls Gym Club (GGC), advised by Kathryn Aemmer, physical education teacher. 

The club was created as a safe space for girls to get together and work out, promoting positivity and community in the gym. 

“We enjoy the gym a lot and we’ve noticed over time that girls don’t really feel comfortable being in an environment that’s dominated by men,” Kaleka said. “As the president I try to recruit students and help them as needed in the weight room to empower them to feel comfortable outside even just that space.”

Beyond its goal of empowering women, GGC aims to highlight the importance of physical activity in general. 

“Right after a stressful school day… [working out] is a way to connect with everyone and have fun but also get things done,” Kaleka said. “Working out does release endorphins so it relieves stress and gets you going for the rest of the week.”

Chloe Mohsen, GGC member and senior, enjoys the group aspect of working out with the club.

“As a girl, sometimes you feel insecure working out alone. With a group it’s really nice because everyone brings each other up in a stress free environment,” Mohsen said.

Besides working out, the club members have developed a strong bond with one another. 

“What I like about the club is that I have a lot of friends in it so it’s time that we can spend together feeling better about ourselves, lifting weights and getting in the right headspace,” Migan said. “School is really hard right now so having this outlet to work out together is really nice.” 

Recently, the school board met with club leaders to garner more support for each club and resources needed to increase student participation. 

“We had a club fair recently…which I hope was helpful to further establish this club,” Kaleka said. 

The club is open to any girls interested, and members emphasize that no experience is needed.

“There are certainly people who do sports in the club but personally, I don’t do sports and I’m not really familiar with lifting weights,” Mohsen said. “I know there are other [members] who have never [weightlifted] before too.”

GGC permits club members freedom when it comes to their fitness intention. 

“Most of the time there are no planned workouts for meetings, it is all up to what the person wants to accomplish that day,” Kaleka said. “However, we are always there to help if someone is unsure of what to do.” 

Kaleka hopes for the club to continue on at SHS when both club leaders graduate and encourages students to try it out. 

 “We are looking to expand and hoping for underclassmen to get more involved,” Kaleka said. “Of course this club is meant for anybody but it’s very important that we get people who are underclassmen involved and people who are new to the high school involved.”

As for long-term goals, the club hopes to promote women feeling confident while taking up spaces that are primarily taken up by men. 

“I hope this club allows girls to branch out in any aspect of their lives that they otherwise wouldn’t have,” Kaleka said.