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Girls soccer prepares for new season

With spring quickly approaching, the girls soccer team has been hard at work in preparation. From training in the weight rooms weekly, along with playing indoor games, the hounds are ready for a strong kickoff to their season. 

“Preseason has been, essentially, open gyms starting way back in late November, once a week,” said Molly Norris, girls JV coach and school counselor. “Coaches are able to supervise but not coach, so we take turns supervising.” 

The WIAA (Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association) doesn’t permit coaches to directly train the athletes until the official season of the sport has actually begun, leaving the leadership roles to the seniors. 

“We’ve got 12 or 13 varsity players returning. So I mean, there’s a lot of strong players coming back, which is exciting,” Norris said. “This year’s five seniors are Eva Carrera, Julia Kasper, Nayana Menon, Isabella Busby and Sonia Bendre.” 

Bendre, along with the other seniors, have effectively stepped up in guiding the underclassman during these winter months. 

“[We] know how preseason works and [we] know how the indoor seasons and outdoor seasons all work,” Bendre said. “[We’re] able to give more guidance, specifically about how the Shorewood school team works.”

This year the team’s popularity has increased, largely due to the surge in freshman participation. Additionally, the influx of freshmen has allowed for two indoor teams.

“This year we’ve had way more [freshman] than usual,” Bendre notes, “We had four seniors leave last year and now we have like eight freshmen coming in.”

“The previous year we lost 11 seniors,” said Nora Broderick, sophomore and varsity player. “I think it’s definitely going to be an adjustment, but I think overall the teams so far are connecting well.” 

Despite the accommodation necessitated by the departure of only four seniors this past season (compared to 11 the previous year), the team exhibits a strong sense of unity. 

As the season begins to unfold, the team shares their aspirations for the spring season.

“I’m hopeful to have a full team and hopeful to have a consistent goalie just because it’s been a struggle some years,” Norris said. “I also think just as a program, to always build that dynamic in a positive way.”

Although Norris is consistently present on the sidelines, during the school day, she is found actively aiding the students of SHS as one of three high school counselors. She incorporates similar values between her education and coaching profession, prioritizing a deeper level connection beyond athletic performance — with the players. 

“Obviously player development is so important but I also like my role as JV coach because I can be a mentor in a different kind of way too,” Norris said. “I feel like being able to support the players in their personal development just as humans are always so important as well.” 

Similarly, the athlete’s share their aspirations for the anticipated season.

“I’m looking forward to winning a lot of games and having fun and making better friends with my new teammates,” Bendre said.