New and improved location for Prom 2023

As Prom Court makes a comeback, students appreciate the adjustment

This year’s Prom, which was held on April 22 at GATHER at Deer District, included both traditions and new changes, like the decision to allow students to select a Prom court and the elimination of the Grand March. The Prom Court was selected through a voting process wherein 10 students were initially chosen with a final vote selecting the top two spots, for Prom King and Queen.

According to Jessica McCabe, Prom Advisor, the changes made to prom this year were entirely due to student input. 

“…[In] one of the first meetings, the Prom Committee members came in and said ‘We want Prom Court to come back,’ but they did not want the Grand March,” McCabe said. 

Ezra Grinker, senior, emphasized that the experience of being voted as Prom King was both exciting and a privilege. 

“It was wonderful to be the first Shorewood High School Prom King, at least the first one for a while,” Grinker said. “I really appreciate the administration for organizing [the election] and everyone who voted for me and supported me throughout the process. It was a really cool opportunity that I’m very grateful for.” 

Regardless of who was on the Prom Court, Grinker believes that overall, Prom was an experience that fostered connections across social groups and brought on lots of reflection and emotions, especially for seniors soon graduating.

“I really try to appreciate my grade now, despite the fact that they’re the people I’ve always seen every day, because I feel like Prom and now graduation coming up really marks the end for us, so I really think we should try to enjoy these things before they’re gone,” Grinker said. “Prom, and the end of the year in general, is always a good time for people to come together despite social fragmentation, and at least from my perspective, my class did a really good job of that.”

I really think we should try to enjoy these things before they’re gone.

— Ezra Grinker, senior

Similarly, Charlotte Wood, senior, highlighted that spending time with their friends was the most fun part of Prom. 

“Prom is really what you make of it,” Wood said. “I had a lot more fun this year because I went with my friends. It was really nice to be together with [my friends] during those moments.”

For Grinker, the event was an overwhelmingly positive experience. 

“I thought it was great. Shorewood really knows how to throw a party,” Grinker said. “I really enjoyed connecting with people, the food, the dancing, all of that, and it was a really great experience being there with everyone.” 

Grinker especially appreciated the choice to feature a performance from a student band, Ego Trip.

Ego Trip, a student band, consists of three Shorewood seniors: Henry Colucci, Danny Huang, and Zahni Gulbronson. (courtesy Will Monda)

“I thought it was really cool how they had Ego Trip play the event,” Grinker said. “I really liked having a high school band, especially one made up of Shorewood students, because it really showed how there’s a sense of community here and we’re willing to support each other in experiences like this.” 

[The venue] was really nice, I found it really pretty. It had a great view looking out.

— Charlotte Wood, senior

Throughout the night, students enjoyed accommodations like a buffet table, drinks, a photo booth, and an outdoor section of the venue. According to Wood, the decision to hold Prom at GATHER at Deer District was fitting for the event. 

“[The venue] was really nice, I found it really pretty,” Wood said. “It had a great view looking out.” 

Addie Creegan, senior, also noted that the venue’s outdoor patio was a nice addition to the location. 

“I liked that there was an outside area you could go to,” Creegan said. “It was nice being able to go outside with people.”

According to McCabe, lots of careful thought and planning went into Prom on the parts of students involved in the Prom Committee.

“The Committee this year really wanted it to be about the students, they wanted to embrace the seniors that didn’t have Prom Court the year before,” McCabe said. “Ultimately, [the vision is] extremely student driven, and I just help make their vision happen.” 

…[the vision is] extremely student driven, and I just help make their vision happen.

— Jessica McCabe, Prom Advisor

Overall, students took the event as an opportunity to connect and enjoy time with their classmates. According to Grinker, as his senior year comes to a close, he knows Prom will be an event he’ll look back to in the future.

“Like I said, I think it’s really important to appreciate these times before they’re gone, just the rest of our high school days,” Grinker said. “Prom is just such an essential high school experience and I think our Prom this year will be one of those moments I will remember well.”