Harry and Meghan, is it worth the watch?


courtesy IMDb

As the new Netflix series Harry and Meghan finished airing, it’s clear that the couple intended for us to perceive the documentary as an unlikely love story. It is understandable that they wanted to expose some of the harassment they faced in response to their relationship, and while the first half of the show highlights their shared hopeless romantic trait, it brings a multitude of “sappy” details that several may find uninteresting and cliche. 

The two share their love story through a chronological recollection of their lives leading up to the present. Most details throughout the documentary were incredibly excessive, and many viewers have stated that its repetitiveness was exhausting and not exactly what they were searching for.

Due to the simple reality of their relationship, the film is dependent on camera techniques and different angles to thrive. From added aerial shots of London to other unnecessary clips, there’s a clear strategic component. Nonetheless, it becomes painfully obvious how dependent the producers are to contain anything to catch the viewers attention since the actual story isn’t enough to keep an engaged audience. This made it difficult for some to keep watching. 

Additionally, the true center of this documentary revolves around the couple whining and complaining about their hardships. It’s no surprise that they have their share of struggles, so does everyone else. What is truly irritating was the fact that they need to exaggerate these points in order to make this rather worn out love story interesting. The story itself is awfully cliche and the only reason it is relevant online is because of Harry and Meghan’s celebrity and royal status.

 “This is a great love story, and the craziest thing is that I think this love story is only getting started,” said Prince Harry.

As an audience, haven’t we heard this sentence a million times? 

They exhaust the idea of how unique their involvement with each other is while being incapable of actually making it distinctive from other relationships. The audience was looking for more raw details regarding them “stepping back” from their royal duties, but the couple chose to deliver unnecessary details of their relationship instead.

The story is also incredibly cliche and unrealistic to the general audience; the only reason it is relevant online is because of Harry and Meghan’s celebrity status. Despite the repetition and platitudes in the show, they were still able to throw in some absorbing content, including the paparazzi and media frenzy with their relationship. 

The show made some interesting comparisons with the inclusion of Princess Diana’s experience with her harassment from paparazzi, including how Harry realized the effect of the media on members of the royal family.

When discussing the parallels between their experiences, it is shocking how similar they are. When asked about how he handled the relationship, Harry explains that he did what he had to do to protect Meghan from history repeating itself.

Overall, the show touched several different aspects of the royal family but wasn’t exactly what viewers were expecting. They placed their focus too much on minuscule cliche details, creating something that wasn’t incredibly enjoyable to watch.