New Businesses bring fresh perspectives to Shorewood


courtesy Nathan Berkowitz

The summer season of 2022 brought forth many new businesses to the heart of Shorewood. Several being locally owned, these entrepreneurs are excited to share their creations with the community. 

Teri Sullivan runs MKE Plants and Vintage Goods with her husband, Tom Kiebzak. 

Sullivan introduced this business idea as a way to keep busy during her recent retirement, and to continue doing what she loves, while also providing for the community.

“We put [vintage goods and plants] together and it seems to be something that this neighborhood is really looking for,” said Sullivan. “We have people of all ages come in because they are in love with plants and items they’ve never seen before.” 

Both Sullivan and Kiebzak are artists, and their appreciation of French, Victorian and mid century-modern artifacts is reflected in the colorful array of items across the store.

“Our goal is to find aesthetically beautiful [items] and plants that are easy to care for, and that anyone can have in their home,” Sullivan said. “So they can enjoy them while honoring the people that owned these things before them.”

Sullivan is proud to be a part of the vibrant strip of Oakland Avenue, as she believes each store brings something new to the town.

“We feel like we are adding a unique value as well,” Sullivan said. “We have been told many times that this area needs something like this, needs something where people can come in, get one little treasure, and not spend a ton of money.”

Respecting each item that comes into the store is something Sullivan takes very seriously.

[Previous owners] cherished these items for years, I hope people don’t take that for granted… We don’t own anything in this room, we just pass it on to the next person.

— Teri Sullivan, MKE Plants and Vintage Goods

A variety of people have visited MKE Plants and Vintage Goods since its opening in June of this year. Customers’ appreciation of these gifts stands as a pleasant reminder for both owners.

“It lets me know that the environment is important to our young people,” Sullivan said. “It lets me know that repurposing and reusing is important. This is a place for all ages and we are seeing all ages come in and come together.”

MKE Plants and Vintage Goods is located at 4451 North Oakland Avenue with hours from noon-5pm, Wednesday through Sunday. 

Sharing the business of unique treasures in Shorewood is Sarah Spencer and Sue Froelich, owners of the new resale shop, Posh Collective, both longtime Shorewood residents. They believe that with their past experiences in resale and trust within the village, their return will be welcomed by the community.

“Since other resale shops in Shorewood have closed, we’ve had a lot of people asking [about our opening],” Froelich said. “So it was something that was clearly missed.”

Posh Collective, located on 1425 North Capitol Drive, takes things under consignment, meaning they price each item given to them, and once that item sells, their consignor gets a percentage of said sale. 

[We carry] things that are smaller and not mass produced, so that one of a kind item you have been looking for,

— Sarah Spencer, Posh Collective

“[As of right now], we are doing luxury and higher end consignment of women’s clothing and accessories, things like purses and shoes,” Froelich said. 

Shorewood has been home for the two of them and their families for years, so opening their business here only made sense.

“I feel like in Shorewood we have a nice little pocket of people that always recognize [and appreciate] each other,” Spencer said. “Seeing new and existing customers is one of my favorite things.”

Clothing is oftentimes brand new, even coming from across the world, all for a discounted price.

“[We carry] things that are smaller and not mass produced, so that one of a kind item you have been looking for,” Spencer said. 

Spencer and Froelich want to stress the importance of resale within the community, and how it should be as simple as possible. 

“We want it to be clean so that people don’t feel overwhelmed when they shop,” Froelich said.

“It’s never going to be some big old dump because we hand select every item… I think that is appreciated,” Spencer said. 

Posh Collective held their soft opening August 25th, and are working to set a firm hourly schedule. But in the meantime, they urge community members to check out their chic and unique items.

“It’s a treasure hunt,” Spencer said. “There’s something for everyone.”