November horoscope

Scorpio – October 23November 21

This November, you will have very good judgement. You will not be lacking in public attention, which could lead to a scandal, so be cautious. Your emotions will be dominated by the desire to achieve your goals. Advice for all the Scorpions: always forgive, but never forget.  


Sagittarius – November 22December 21

Sagittarius season is coming! Sagittarius will feel very drawn to creativity this month. Financial stability looks  promising this month but responsibility needs to come as well. You can lean on people around you this month for support and a helping hand. 


Capricorn – December 22January 19

November will be a very secretive month for Capricorns. You are likely to find yourself having romantic feelings for someone, but you might end up hiding these feelings from people. Capricorns can work on being more open with emotions this month and reaching out to those around you. 


Aquarius – January 20February 18

During the full moon and lunar eclipse, beware of gossipit is likely your friends will try to drag you in. Trusting your gut will be vital because this month will bring a great deal of romance and possible drama. 


Pisces – February 19March 20

This month, love is coming in full swing. Someone from your past, or perhaps a new lover, may pull your attention away from more important tasks. You might find this new interest difficult on your emotions so try not to be impulsive this November. 


Aries March 21April 19

November is going to be a fun month for Aries! You will receive lots of attention and invitations from new people. Beware of an anxiety spike because of the sudden attention.


TaurusApril 20May 20

Taurus will need to focus on security this month. You are very trusting and should watch out for others who want to damage your relationships and wellbeing. You may find yourself in unsuitable friendships, so make sure to give yourself time to recharge. 


Gemini – May 21June 20

Make sure to check your inbox, because November will bring good news your way! Utilize self assessment to help you make the difficult decisions this month will bring. This month is all about adventure and independence, but don’t forget to spend time with your family to help you stay grounded.


CancerJune 21July 22

During this month, your sensitive feelings will flourish, and you will crave deeper connections within your relationships. Be cautious of strong feelings of doubt that can cloud your judgement and get in the way of your relationships. Expect this month to leave you feeling cared for and appreciated. 


LeoJuly 23August 22

Leos need to stay ahead of the curve this month. New opportunities are coming your way fast! If you feel overwhelmed make sure to check in on yourself once in a while. Spending time alone and doing activities like meditating or self-care are key to staying on top of your game. 


VirgoAugust 23September 22

Claim what’s yours this month. Spend time reflecting and setting intentions. Aim to secure new opportunities later in the month. Writing down your goals in a journal will be beneficial for Virgos!


LibraSeptember 23October 22

In the month of November, your ability to seek out harmony and balance will be on full display in many aspects of your life. Your indecisiveness will be very prominent this month, so follow your gut. The next couple weeks may feel lonely, but there are bright things ahead.




graphics by Masha Velikanov