Science Club starts tutoring program for math and science

This year, SHS Science Club is starting a tutoring program for students 9th through 12th grade. The tutoring program was created to aid students in learning more about their current subjects and to catch up on topics they may not have learned from last virtual school year.

Michael Sell, science teacher at SHS and club supervisor, is overseeing the tutoring program.

“There’s a lot of catching up to be done, so I think this tutoring program provides another opportunity for students to help each other,” Sell said.

The program is aimed at anyone interested in learning more about science and math related subjects and anyone who wants help studying for tests or catching up on homework. 

“The topics we’ll do are basically any [STEM] class that was taught at the high school, so we’ll do chemistry, physics, environmental science, biology, and AP versions of all those classes,” Sell said. 

There will also be tutors for math classes, from algebra all the way to calculus.

The tutors will be students ranging from sophomores to seniors who are familiar with the subject matter. All of the students tutoring will be very knowledgeable in their subjects and will be able to assist students with whatever they may be struggling with.

 “Science Club has some of the most adamant people about science in the school,” said Pramana Saldin, senior.

Though tutoring sessions are free for anyone, the club appreciates tips for their work. The tips will go towards Science Club costs.

“This is essentially volunteer work. But, Science Club does need funding from time to time so we do appreciate tips on tutoring sessions, although by no means is it required,” Saldin said. 

The tutoring sessions will be after school or during lunch. Specific times can be arranged with Sell.

The tutoring program is still in its early stages. Email Sell at [email protected] to sign up for tutoring.