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Laura Oldfather

Managing Editor of Staff, Opinions Editor, Social Media Editor

June 8, 2021

10. During my sophomore year a panel of professional journalists came to speak to the editors and staff. I didn’t think their stories and experiences would inspire me and stick with me, but they did and I’m grateful to Cela for organizing it.

9. Adults in the community coming up to me and complimenting my journalism. You could always be sure to find student copies of Ripples on the floors of homerooms on Wednesday afternoons, but I got a lot of support from people’s parents.

8. I didn’t even know it until this year, but before we went virtual we used to finish layout so early! I thought staying at the school until 11 p.m was bad, but that’s nothing compared to being up on Zoom laying out the paper at 3:30 a.m.

7. Sundays with Abi this year. She would come to my house every week to tutor me in calculus (and get those NHS hours), an event that would inevitably move into full-blown Ripples planning.

6. Writing with others. A lot of times I enjoy working alone and going through the process exactly how I want to, but writing with others teaches me a lot, and it’s always more fun than I anticipate.

5. All the information I was privy to and the opportunities I got as part of the editorial staff. A true highlight was traveling to Madison with Sophia to report on a student event and interviewing Governor Evers for the article.

4. People who are professional musicians or Olympic athletes talk about getting in “the zone” with their craft. For me, that is brainstorming headline ideas. As copy editors my sophomore year with Abi, Ella and Naomi we would spend hours perfecting our titles for the paper. Few times in my life have I been that aware and engaged in a task.

3. The advisors. I’m so grateful for the leadership and guidance I’ve had these past four years.

2. The people of the editorial staff.

1. Actually writing and being an editor. I was mildly interested in the school newspaper when I joined, and now I’m going off to college for journalism, a path I’m sure my life wouldn’t have taken if it weren’t for Ripples.


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