Meet Ed Vice, Ripples’ new advice column

BREAKING NEWS: Ripples is starting an advice column for Shorewood students! In a fight with a friend? Having trouble in the romance department? Feeling like you need a fresh perspective on a school appropriate problem? Ed’s got you covered.


Dear Ed Vice,

I have a very purple bedroom color that I picked a couple years ago because I liked it. Now that we’re in online school, all of my teachers and classmates can see how purple my walls are. So many people keep commenting on it! It makes me upset that people keep commenting on my background, and it makes me want to turn my camera off. Should I repaint my room? What do I do? Please help!

-Puzzled About Purple

Dear Puzzled,

As we are in virtual learning, I can understand how frustrating it is when people comment about your background. But, since your room was painted purple before you started going to school virtually, I believe that because you liked that color, other people’s opinions shouldn’t really matter. Besides, if people are commenting on your background, I don’t believe their intent is to offend you, and if it is, then what they think definitely shouldn’t matter. If you would really like my opinion, I would recommend that you don’t listen to what other people say about your background and you keep your bedroom color the way it is (if you still like purple). If it isn’t, then you can go ahead and paint it. Anyway, you do you.

-Ed Vice

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