New campus supervisor focuses on creativity


Evan Frank

Antoine Davis, SHS alumnus, returns to take on the role of campus supervisor.

Another Davis has been added to the high school directory. Antoine Davis is filling the newly created position of campus supervisor. 

This new Davis learned of the opening from his father, Antoine Davis (same name), head football coach. So at least two of the many seemingly unrelated Davis’s are in fact related. 

“My pops is also the head coach here, so he was the one who actually told me about the opening. And everything fell in line with the work that I already do and I’m comfortable with,” Davis said.

As a Shorewood alumni, Davis found familiarity with more than just his dad on campus. 

“My favorite part about working here is working with many familiar faces because I graduated in 2012. Pretty much all the teachers from when I was [here] are still here, so it’s very nostalgic.”

Prior to his position at Shorewood, Davis was a youth advisor at Pulaski High School. Both roles allow him to focus on building meaningful interactions with students on campus. 

“I interact with students, I help them achieve their goals, help them in tough situations inside the school.”

Any students who have gone to the high school to pick up supplies from the main entrance have likely met Davis. 

“Right now my daily responsibility, because of COVID, is manning the front door and also signing all the students in; making sure they get to their classes if they’re going to see teachers.”

Coming into this brand new position, Davis has a few main objectives. Using his creativity and mentorship experience, he hopes to help each student reach their potential. 

“One of my goals is to help every student that I encounter reach their goals … From an artist and creative lens, I’d like to help students find their creativity and introduce them to different ways that they can use their creativity and apply it to career goals.”

Art is a major part of Davis’s life. Outside of school, Davis is also a photographer, graphic designer and videographer and has his own company, We Got Flavors ( He has been able to use this passion to get involved in some student activities on campus already. 

“Since I’ve been here I’ve been able to … be a critic for some AP art critiques. I’ve done a video for the football team, that’s on my website, made a couple fliers around the building and I’ve also helped some AP art students kind of find some direction with some of their projects that they’re working on. Creativity is really all my life, and it’s something that I delve into. Everything that I do has a creative spin on it because that’s just how my brain is wired.”

As if being an advisor and artist weren’t enough, Davis is also a personal trainer.

“I’m also a personal trainer … [and] I love yoga. I love meditating, I love personal development, personal growth, I love … I love positivity. That’s probably the biggest thing about me. Everything I do has to have a positive finish to it or I’m not going to be interested in it.”

Davis firmly believes in focusing on the impact he can make in the present. 

“I don’t look into the future. My biggest thing is I’m just going to do everything that I can for everyone that I encounter right now. And if I am here for a while that means I’m doing the right thing.”