Blooming Lotus opens storefront in Shorewood

Review: Bakery is tasty for those with and without dietary restrictions


Shannon Carlson

The new Blooming Lotus Bakery location on Maryland Ave in Shorewood. From muf- fins to scones, they offer a variety of baked goods pertaining to dietary restrictions.

The Blooming Lotus bakery has recently opened a new Shorewood location. Free of grain, gluten, egg, dairy, cane sugar, oils, soy and yeast, this bakehouse is a trailblazer for restaurants looking to offer healthier options for their customers. Offering a wide variety of options, from muffins to cupcakes to breads to pies, this bakery has whatever you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

These delights can be found at 3948 Maryland Ave, below the Milwaukee Yoga Center. The bakery’s hours are limited, open Thursday-Sunday with hours of 9 am – 1 pm. 

An important part of Blooming Lotus is its mission to provide people with heart healthy and diabetic friendly choices. They want to make sure that every family has safe and healthy baked goods, as people struggling with dietary restrictions have a very limited range of selections when it comes to food. The idea stemmed when Susan Goulet and her sister were both diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which caused them to be allergic to many different food groups.

Her practice with yoga went hand-in-hand with the bakery idea, so 15 years after Goulet opened her own yoga studio –– that now sits above the bakery –– she founded Blooming Lotus.

When we entered Blooming Lotus, we were immediately greeted by a staff member. She made us familiar with the menu, and she made sure we were aware of all the options to choose from. She was also very clear when describing the benefits of the food from their bakery, including being high in protein, low in carbohydrates and dense in nutrients. The service was amazing!

We got the pumpkin scone and the blueberry lemon muffin. Both of these treats were very delicious, plus they have two to four times the protein and fiber content of the current options on the market. The pumpkin scone had just the right amount of sweetness. Topped with pumpkin seeds and cranberries, it was the perfect fall treat. The blueberry lemon muffin was tangy and flavorful. 

All of the treats are homemade and baked with love. While we were ordering, a staff member came into the shop with baked goods that had come fresh from their oven, so they were still hot! 

Blooming Lotus is located in a smaller space, so plan on taking your treats to go. Nowadays, it is much safer to eat in the comfort of your own home, so this is a good way to keep customers rotating through the store without too much person-to-person contact. The Blooming Lotus follows many COVID safety precautions, so guests can feel safe and comfortable while picking up their favorite baked goods. All staff members in the store wear masks and maintain social distancing rules. 

Whether you have dietary restrictions or not, we are confident that you will enjoy the variety of amazing treats offered at the Blooming Lotus. As small businesses are currently struggling to stay open, it definitely would not hurt to stop by your local Blooming Lotus! 

In addition to their Shorewood spot, you can also check out the Blooming Lotus location on North Avenue. Make sure to stop by their website for more information.