April 7 general election results

The ballots have been counted and the results are in for the April 7 general elections. 


Mayor of Milwaukee

It was between Tom Barrett and Lena Taylor for Milwaukee mayor. Barrett won the race, taking his fifth term with 63% votes and leaving Taylor with 37%. 


Wisconsin Supreme Court

For a position on the Wisconsin Supreme court, Jill Karofsky and Daniel Kelly appeared on the ballot. Karofsky won 55.2% of the votes.


Milwaukee County Executive

For the Milwaukee county executive, it was a close call between David Crowley and Chris Larson, with Crowley declaring victory. The two candidates each claimed 50% of the votes, Crowley taking the lead by only 1,087 votes. 


Shorewood School Board

Four candidates were ran for three seats on Shorewood’s school board. Pablo Muirhead claimed 31.76% of votes, Paru Shah claimed 29.14%, and Clarke Warren claimed 22.26%. ReShunda Stephens received only 16.37%, and did not win a seat on the board.